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Louisiana ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Louisiana. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Louisiana has a total number of 932,725 ZIP Codes, and the first three digits range from 700-714. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70001
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70002
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70003
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70004
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70005
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70006
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70009
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70010
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70011
LALafourche ParishDES ALLEMANDS70030
LASt. Charles ParishAMA70031
LASt. Bernard ParishARABI70032
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70033
LAJefferson ParishBARATARIA70036
LAPlaquemines ParishBELLE CHASSE70037
LAPlaquemines ParishBOOTHVILLE70038
LASt. Charles ParishBOUTTE70039
LAPlaquemines ParishBRAITHWAITE70040
LAPlaquemines ParishBURAS70041
LASt. Bernard ParishCHALMETTE70043
LASt. Bernard ParishCHALMETTE70044
LASt. Charles ParishDESTREHAN70047
LASt. John the Baptist ParishEDGARD70049
LAPlaquemines ParishEMPIRE70050
LASt. John the Baptist ParishGARYVILLE70051
LASt. James ParishGRAMERCY70052
LAJefferson ParishGRETNA70053
LAJefferson ParishGRETNA70054
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70055
LAJefferson ParishGRETNA70056
LASt. Charles ParishHAHNVILLE70057
LAJefferson ParishHARVEY70058
LAJefferson ParishHARVEY70059
LAJefferson ParishMETAIRIE70060
LAJefferson ParishKENNER70062
LAJefferson ParishKENNER70063
LAJefferson ParishKENNER70064
LAJefferson ParishKENNER70065
LAJefferson ParishLAFITTE70067
LASt. Charles ParishLA PLACE70068
LASt. John the Baptist ParishLA PLACE70069
LASt. Charles ParishLULING70070
LASt. James ParishLUTCHER70071
LAJefferson ParishMARRERO70072
LAJefferson ParishMARRERO70073
LASt. Bernard ParishMERAUX70075
LASt. John the Baptist ParishMOUNT AIRY70076
LASt. Charles ParishNEW SARPY70078
LASt. Charles ParishNORCO70079
LASt. Charles ParishPARADIS70080
LAPlaquemines ParishPILOTTOWN70081
LAPlaquemines ParishPOINTE A LA HACHE70082
LAPlaquemines ParishPORT SULPHUR70083
LASt. John the Baptist ParishRESERVE70084
LASt. Bernard ParishSAINT BERNARD70085
LASt. James ParishSAINT JAMES70086
LASt. Charles ParishSAINT ROSE70087
LASt. James ParishVACHERIE70090
LAPlaquemines ParishVENICE70091
LASt. Bernard ParishVIOLET70092
LAPlaquemines ParishBELLE CHASSE70093
LAJefferson ParishAVONDALE70094
LAJefferson ParishWESTWEGO70096
LAJefferson ParishKENNER70097
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70112
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70113
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70114
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70115
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70116
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70117
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70118
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70119
LAJefferson ParishNEW ORLEANS70121
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70122
LAJefferson ParishHARAHAN70123
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70124
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70125
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70126
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70127
LAOrleans ParishNEW ORLEANS70128